The INADA Dreamwave
Massage Chair


An Immersion into Total Relaxation

Meet the new INADA Dreamwave. It is the successor to the revolutionary INADA Sogno, and improves upon that chair in many ways that improve the overall user experience. The Dreamwave brings some changes that push this chair forward when it comes to advanced massage technology, propelling it above the previous generation INADA Sogno. It is no surprise then, that the Dreamwave is the ultimate in deep relaxation and massage.

The result is a truly transcendent experience that promotes health and reduces stress.

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Listowel & Fergus Ontario, Canada

INADA Massage Expertise

Inada is the only massage chair company whose product development is 100% led by professional Shiatsu therapists.

Inada is famous for its quality. Each new chair model is rigorously tested for the equivalent of 20 years of regular use before it is released.

The Engineering Leader

Each massage begins with an automatic Shiatsu point detection scan (another Inada invention) and has been choreographed to intelligently massage the right parts of your body with just the right touch. Inada collaborates with 7 universities and 10 medical clinics to conceive and test new ideas for making a positive impact on your health.

In total, Inada employs over 100 full-time engineers and massage experts to design and manufacture Japan’s most effective medical-grade massage devices. In 2008, Inada’s extraordinary engineering team was approached by Toyota, famous for its state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and world class quality, to design massage functionality for their new minivan.


When you think about the fact that the industry didn’t exist when Inada invented the first massage chair in 1962, it is all the more remarkable that today Inada generates over $300 million in revenue and has become the world’s largest and most advanced massage company. Few companies can offer the reliability and certainty of a leader like Inada.

Forward Thinking

The Inada team has always taken a long-term approach to their work, and this means investing in the future: Inada spends 10% of gross revenue on research and development — more than any other massage company. To ensure that innovation is paired with equally high quality and reliability, each new massage chair model is tested for the equivalent of 20 years of regular use before being released to market, which means warranty claims for Inada chairs are the lowest in the industry.

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